A story of Yesterday!


long, long time ago, 1878 to be exact, a young man, Ilia Rabchev left his family in Bulgaria and went to France to learn winemaking.

4 Years later he returned to his village and to his family in Byala Cherkva where is founded Rabchev Cellars. The family worked hard and soon Rabchev Cellars was the largest producers in the area, exporting wine and spirits drinks to Germany.

In the picture below taken in 1941, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations family members are shown. Notice Mama Anna in the window.

Original winery 1941, Mama Anna in the window, Father, Grandfather and Greatgrandfather of Luben Rabchev. 

Mama Anna on her 95th birthday in 2014 - 4th generetion Rabchev

A story of Today!


Luben Rabchev, 5th generation, also left Bulgaria, but went to America to learn winemaking and business.

40 years later he returned to Bulgaria and founded Seven Generations Winery. He chose Mechka village overlooking the Danube river where making wine was an art since the Roman times. 

Here he is making wine in the old fashioned way, barrel aged and producing fine Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cuvee and Rose. At the winery he has built a complex where families can enjoy the nature and beauty of Bulgaria. 

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Luben and Jo Rabchev

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